Acute Care + Rehabilitation Medicine

Integrated Care

Acute-Care and Rehabilitation Medicine Without Borders

The BG-Hospitals distinguish themselves from other hospitals – their work does not end with the release of the patient, but with his or her complete reintegration to professional and everyday life. This fundamental principle is called cross-sectoral care: the close interaction of all treatment stages through a holistic plan of therapy.

From the place of accident to outpatient follow-up, acute care and rehabilitation are seamlessly interwoven – an interdisciplinary team of experienced physicians, nurses, specialist therapists and rehabilitation managers develops individual rehabilitation plans, ensures complete recovery, and guides every patient back to everyday life step by step.

The BG-Hospitals specialize in surgical disciplines, enjoying an outstanding reputation for excellent treatment of burn, hand and spinal cord injuries, as well as optimal and individually adjusted healthcare for seriously ill and multiple injured patients, both in Germany and around the world. In-house research and quality pioneering work guarantee the continuous improvement of the medical progress, and special rehabilitation procedures ensure optimal healing success.

Comprehensive, individual and cross-sectoral: the BG-Hospitals offer integrated care without borders.


The Hospital Group of the Statutory Accident Insurance

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