Hand Injuries

Your Hands in Good Hands

From Fracture to Entire Replantation

Hands are the most important tool of the human body, and their complexity is a tremendous miracle. Accidents resulting in bruised or even severed limbs, diseases or malformations of the hand severely affect the quality of living. Whether bone fracture, tendon or soft tissue injury, the hand treatment centres of the BG Hospitals cover the entire spectrum of possible interventions. They have the specialized teams, the necessary expertise and the required equipment for optimal care. Among the most challenging interventions is the microsurgical replantation – in other words the reattachment of severed limbs right up to the whole hand.

With their comprehensive specialized equipment, the hand treatment centres secure the emergency care for hand surgery in Germany. Around the clock, acute hand injuries can be treated by teams of experts in the centres. The departments’ know-how is recognized internationally and the institutes are also certified as hand-trauma-centres by the European umbrella organisation.


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