Spinal Cord Injuries

Back Into Self-Determined Life

Spinal Cord Injuries - Therapy and After-Care

A single second can change a person’s life forever: falls and accidents which harm the spinal cord wrench people out of their daily lives and leave them with immense challenges.

The BG Hospitals treatment centres for spinal cord injuries prepare patients for a new stage in their lives, medically and psychologically. They also treat people who suffer from paraplegia due to inborn malformations, tumours and infections. The state-of-the-art BG-hospitals provide for approximately 40 per cent of beds in this field in Germany. The expert teams have acquired the experience to match the demand.

The concept of care includes three stages: first class acute care of the patient right after the accident, subsequent rehabilitation, as well as lifelong after-care. Specialized nursing teams, physio- and ergotherapists, psychologists and social workers cooperate with the patient in order to achieve a life that is as independent and self-determined as possible. Relatives and family members are also integrated into every stage of the therapy.


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