Specific Rehabilitation Programs

Rehabilitation for Special Cases

Specific Programs for Specific Health Problems

Not every rehabilitation program is the same. Depending on the type and severity of the disease or injury the patient has suffered and the individual requirements that follow, any of a variety of treatments may best respond to the patient’s needs. The Hospital Group of the Statutory Accident Insurance provides a full spectrum of modern rehabilitation procedures. State-of-the-art technical equipment and highly qualified personnel guarantee the patients the rehabilitation they need, even in special cases.

The therapists of the Hospital Group are not only trained for common rehabilitation procedures. Pursuing the highest levels of medical training and specialization coupled with their invaluable experience, they can also respond to the highly specific rehabilitation requirements for hand, burn or spinal cord injuries, as well as many others.

Since BG Hospitals also treat patients with specific health problems, they also offer several rehabilitation programs that are rarely found anywhere else: whether prosthesis rehabilitation, neuro-rehabilitation or qualified pain therapy – the Hospital Group provides its patients with best quality care at all times.


The Hospital Group of the Statutory Accident Insurance

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