Caregiver pushes a man in a wheelchair through the lobby

Patients and visitors

The central focus of our work is always our patients. Our years of experience have shown that their recovery is best guaranteed when they are included in the treatment process from the start. Our patients’ family and friends are very welcome to visit them at BG Hospitals.

Our mission is to provide patients with cutting-edge medical treatment immediately after an accident or illness and to guide them back to everyday life step-by-step. For us, optimal care means treating all our patients and their relatives with respect, tolerance, openness and kindness. We appreciate and take into consideration our patients’ hopes as well as their fears and worries. It is our pledge to communicate openly and keep both patients and their relatives informed as best we can.

Because visits from family and friends bring variety to our patients’ daily routine and motivate them to recover quickly, we provide long visiting hours so visitors can come as often as possible. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our facilities, which is why we kindly ask visitors to be respectful towards their relatives, other patients and our staff. We appreciate your understanding that we may have to perform caretaking duties and treatment during visiting hours. Should an employee of the hospital require you to leave the room, we ask for their instructions to be followed.

Be sure to coordinate your visit with the responsible doctor or unit manager. If you have a head cold or any other communicable disease, we ask you to please postpone your visit until you have recovered. Our intensive care units may only be entered by immediate family members.  

Patients and their visitors are always welcome to address our employees on site about any issue at any time during their stay with us. Detailed visitor information can be found on the webpage of each BG Hospital. There you will also find further information about how to reach our facilities, accommodation options for relatives and contact persons on site. 

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