Frequently Asked Questions

 Who is Part of the Hospital Group of the Statutory Accident Insurance?

The hospital group consists of nine BG hospitals, two BG clinics for occupational diseases and two BG injury treatment units. The members of BG Hospitals are the legal entities of these institutes, 19 accident funds as well as the industrial employers’ liability insurance associations in Germany.

 What Distinguishes the BG Hospitals from Other Hospital Groups?

The BG Hospitals are non-profit organizations. Their work is cross-sectoral and accompanies their patients beyond their release until their return to professional and personal life. Furthermore, BG Hospitals is administrated by both insured employees and employers. This guarantees the principles of the statutory accident insurance: full rehabilitation of people suffering from occupational accidents and vocational diseases using all available resources.

 Which Scope of Services Do the BG-Hospitals Offer their Patients?

The main service of the BG Hospitals is the treatment and rehabilitation of severe accident-related injuries and vocational diseases. They have expertise in every field of surgery and rehabilitation. The Hospitals are world leaders in hand, burn and spinal cord injury therapy, as well as in treatment of severe brain injuries and polytrauma. BG Hospitals are “hospitals of maximum care” in their regions, ensuring the competent treatment of a variety of diseases and injuries.

 Do the BG Hospitals Only Treat Statutory Insured Patients?

BG Hospitals are accessible to all patients, regardless of their form of insurance. As supraregional trauma treatment centres, they contribute to the overall care of the whole population and are open to all patients with public and private health insurance at any time.

 What is the Statutory Accident Insurance?

The Statutory Accident Insurance is part of the social insurance in Germany. Other aspects include health, retirement and nursing care as well as unemployment insurance. The purpose of the statutory accident insurance is the protection of over 76 million members from occupational accidents, vocational diseases and their consequences. Thanks to the employers’ liability insurance association (Berufsgenossenschaften) and the accident funds (Unfallkassen), every company in Germany is automatically part of this mandatory insurance.

 Which Principles Does the Statutory Accident Insurance Follow?

In case of occupational accidents or vocational diseases, the statutory accident insurance provides complete physical, social and vocational rehabilitation for its clients, financial compensation and - if necessary - lifelong care. Staying true to its principles of “Using Every Available Resource” and “Rehabilitation…not Retirement ”.

 Why Does the Statutory Accident Insurance Have Its Own Hospitals?

The fundamental basis of successful rehabilitation is state-of-the-art medical care. The statutory accident insurance manages specialized institutes with well-honed expertise in treating injuries and occupational diseases throughout Germany, known as the BG Hospitals, the hospitals of the employers’ liability insurance association.

 What Other Objectives Does the Hospital Group of the Statutory Accident Insurance Have?

With over 12 000 employees and more than 550 000 patients seen every year, BG Hospitals is one of the largest hospital groups in Germany. The BG Hospitals aim to expand their role even further to provide patients with first class medical service at all times.


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