The Statutory Accident Insurance

The Statutory Accident Insurance

In Good Hands: Comprehensive Protection after Occupational Accidents and Vocational Diseases

The Statutory Accident Insurance is an important component of the social insurance system in Germany. Included in their over 76 million members are all workers, employees and volunteers, as well as over 17 million pupils, students and children in day care facilities.

Over 3.9 million companies and public institutes are automatically members of the mandatory insurance system consisting of the employers’ liability insurance association (Berufsgenossenschaften) and  accident funds (Unfallkassen).

In the event of occupational accidents, commuting accidents (i.e. accidents on the way to and from the workplace) or occupational diseases, the statutory accident insurance provides for a complete health-related, social and vocational rehabilitation for its members, for financial compensation and - if necessary - lifelong care.

Another objective of the statutory accident insurance is successful prevention – using information campaigns, uniform provisions and test methods, as well as training opportunities, it assists companies to protect their staff from accidents and similar threats to health and safety at work.


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