Our mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional medical care for those who have suffered from a work-related or commuting accident, and those with occupational disease. We use all appropriate means to enable patients to resume their lives.

The most critical aspect of successful rehabilitation is high quality medical care. Therefore, the statutory accident insurance operates specialised institutions qualified in the care of workplace accident and injury as well as occupational disease. These institutions are the BG Hospitals.

BG Hospitals are distinguishable from other hospitals. Our work does not end with the release of a patient, but with their complete reintegration to professional and everyday life. This fundamental principle is called interdisciplinary care, whereby every treatment stage is part of a holistic therapeutic plan. This principle is rooted in the German social security code that indicates to use every appropriate resource in patient treatment.

Furthermore, BG Hospitals accept patients from other health insurances. We operate as a nonprofit organisation and reinvest any earnings into the expansion of our range of medical services.