For the media

BG Hospitals possess internationally reowned expertise in the field of acute care and rehabilitation medicine. Our research is pioneering. As a result, we have quite a story to tell.

With a staff of nearly 14 000 employees at 13 locations, BG Hospitals provide exceptional expertise in acute care and rehabilitation. Many internationally rewoned specialists are closely associated with the BG Hospital Group. Our employees' level of expertise goes well beyond their medical qualifications. The research and teaching done at BG Hospitals is also of great interest to the genral public, not least because we always use the latest procedures and emerging techniques.

The press and public relations departments at each institute can give permission to film, interview partners and use footage and background information. We welcome news outlets and are happy to provide information about our latest events and developments. The BG Hospital Group also publishes annual accounts, facts and data about the specific facilities on our website.

Our experts

  1. Profilbild Eike Jeske


    Eike Jeske

    Contact person

    BG Hospitals

  2. Profile Pic Christiane Keppeler


    Christiane Keppeler

    Director Corporate Communications and Marketing

    BG Hospital Hamburg

  3. Profile Pic Robin Jopp


    Robin Jopp

    Corporate Communications

    BG Hospital Bergmannsheil Bochum

  4. Profile Pic Dieter Lohmann


    Dieter Lohmann

    Marketing and Corporate Communications

    BG Hospital Duisburg

  5. Profile Pic Rita Kroetz


    Rita Krötz

    Media and Public Relations

    BG Hospital Frankfurt am Main

  6. Profile Pic Ute Kuehnlein


    Ute Kühnlein

    Director of Media and Public Relations

    BG Hospital Ludwigshafen

  7. Profile Pic Petra Speicher


    Petra Speicher

    Media and Public Relations

    BG Hospital Tübingen

  8. Profile Pic Lisa Schwede


    Lisa Schwede

    Director of the Public Relations and Communications Division

    BG Hospital Murnau

  9. Profile Pic Angela Kijewski


    Angela Kijewski

    Press Officer

    BG Hospital Berlin

  10. Profile Pic Christian Malordy


    Christian Malordy

    Director of Customer and Market Division/Corporate Communications

    BG Hospital Bergmannstrost Halle

  11. Profile Pic Christiane Budack


    Christiane Budack

    Media and Public Relations

    BG Outpatient Clinic Bremen