Doctor speaks with a patient

The BG Hospital Group

BG Hospitals, with nearly 14 000 employees, are one of the largest hospital groups in Germany. At our medical facilities we treat more than 560 000 patients annually.

BG Hospitals are the healthcare providers of the Statutory Accident Insurance. Our primary task is to treat patients with severe injury and occupational disease, and to restore their health using all appropriate means. In our nine acute care hospitals, two hospitals specialised in occupational disease, and two injury treatment units we annually provide care to over half a million patients nationwide using the most cutting-edge medical innovations.

BG Hospitals specialise in surgical disciplines, maintaining an outstanding reputation for excellent treatment of burn, hand and spinal cord injuries. BG Hospitals are also renowned for providing optimal and individually tailored healthcare for the seriously ill and patients with multiple injuries both in Germany and around the world. Our in-house research and pioneering work in the field of interdisciplinary medicine guarantee continuous improvement in medical intervention. Our special rehabilitation programmes ensure optimal healing, enabling patients to return to their professional and everyday lives.

Furthermore, all nine acute care hospitals are certified Transregional Trauma Centres. This means we offer the complete range of emergency medical services.