In case of emergency, always dial 112 first. This is a 24/7 toll free number that can be reached even without a mobile network.

Call 112 for Emergency

It is not always easy to recognise a medical emergency. Therefore, please consider the following guidelines: In case of an accident, a fire or a situation that may be life threatening, immediately call 112. Even if you are unable to assess the degree of an injury, you should call. Emergency responders will promptly be on their way to assist you.

If you or someone else is in danger, you should call the police at 110. This number should also be used if you have witnessed a crime or are suspicious of a criminal act.


Reporting your Emergency to a BG Hospital

If you are in an emergency situation and independently go to one of our hospitals, please contact emergency admissions by telephone prior to your arrival. Our local experts will be informed about your imminent arrival.

Contact data for our emergency admissions and other acute care areas can be found on the individual websites of each BG facility.