Patient and therapist at a session

The BG healthcare method

The social accident insurance is responsible for the care of patients affected by occupational injury and disease in Germany. The guiding principles are “rehabilitation, not retirement” and “use every available resource”.

As part of the treatment provided by the Occupational Insurance Association, BG Hospitals help patients reintegrate into everyday life, and where possible, return to their professions. Our formula for success is integrated rehabilitation that starts immediately after acute care and monitors patients throughout all phases of their treatment.

We employ a variety of rehabilitation methods depending on the unique requirements of each patient. Acute care is typically followed by inpatient treatment covered by the employers’ liability insurance associations. In cases of complex medical procedures, polytrauma, or severe burn and hand injuries, we apply interdisciplinary inpatient rehabilitation that includes advanced psychological assessment and consultation.

Occupational rehabilitation focuses on the needs of patients so they can return to their place of work. If necessary, BG patients also complete extended outpatient physiotherapy in BG Hospitals.