Paramedic at work

Acute-care and rehabilitation

BG Hospitals are distinguishable from other medical institutions. Our work does not end with patients' release, but with their complete reintegration to professional and everday life.

Every day, 2 900 people in Germany suffer from a work-related or commuting accident. For extreme cases, the employers’ liability insurance associations and public sector accident insurers rely on their own centres of medical excellence, the BG Hospitals.

Our emergency admissions are at the ready to treat accident victims around the clock. Every BG Hospital is licensed under the severe injury procedure of the German statutory accident insurance. This licence is only awarded to hospitals with the specific equipment and specially trained professionals required for the management of severe injury.

Following acute care, our mission is not only to cure our patients, but also to help them resume their lives using all appropriate means. This is why we developed the principle of interdisciplinary care. From the point of injury to outpatient follow-up, acute care and rehabilitation are seamlessly interwoven. This ensures complete recovery, and follows each patient step-by-step back into everyday life. Every treatment stage is part of a holistic therapeutic plan.

Success factor – integrated rehabilitation

We apply our own rehabilitation programmes starting with intensive care and continuously adapting to a patient’s needs. Our holistic approach to treatment carries our patients through the employers’ liability insurance associations’ rehabilitation management, including after their release.

Comprehensive, individual and interdisciplinary; BG Hospitals offer integrated, holistic care – a concept unique in Germany.