Our committee

BG Hospitals are a nonprofit corporate group with holding structures and various committees.


General committee

The general committee is the highest organ of the BG Hospital Group. It decides on all matters of fundamental importance of the parent company as well as its subsidiaries. It also appoints the management board. In the general meeting, the sponsoring associations and holding societies of the hospitals as well as the supporting associations of the statutory accident insurance are equally represented. Each member delegates a representative of the employers and one of the insured members. The general committee elects a chairperson from among its members as well as an alternating from among employers and insured members. The chairpersonship alternates annually.

Executive board

The executive board likewise consists of representatives of employers and insured members in equal number. Members of the executive board are elected by representatives of their respective group at the general meeting. The executive board elects one of its members to be chairperson as well as an alternating chairperson. The chairpersonship also alternates on an annual basis.

The purpose of the executive board is to prepare and implement the resolutions of the general committee. In addition, it elects the chief executive officer and conducts the BG Hospital Group’s business.

Expert committees

The Holding maintains six expert committees that advise the six business divisions of the Hospital Group. They are responsible for central services of the hospitals and promoting the Group’s development. The expert committees also support the executive board with their expertise.